Overlay metrology equipment (OL-Series)

Established in 2009, AUROS Technology is a world’s leading provider that develops technologies to cope with continual demand linked to the semiconductor industry in the Metrology and Inspection areas.

With more than 80 employees worldwide, including 60 R&D engineers, AUROS Technologies is focusing on technologies, and solid partnerships with customers through strong sales networks.

Overlay-metrology-equipmenthttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiryThe Overlay Metrology OL-300n equipment is a system designed to provide optimal performance up to 2x design-rule devices, and also features low ownership costs, while yielding the highest throughput at the world’s highest level of precision, in consideration of the increase in the number of measurement points required with decreased design-line width.

The OL-600n is an advanced overlay metrology system. This advanced system, in particular, offers the enhanced precision, TMU (Total Measurement Uncertainty) and MAM (Move-Acquire-Measure) time. The general features and benefits of the OL-series of overlay metrology include high precision, high throughput (improved MAM time), high system reliability (improved TMU), high-resolution pattern recognition, optimized data management, and more color filter options. Such two advanced overlay metrology equipment are exported to the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

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