A major maker of industrial printers and cables in S. Korea

Daegun Tech:
A major maker of industrial printers and cables in S. Korea

[INQ. NO. 1410E36] Daegun Tech was established in 1998, and specializes in the equipment of layout production, equipment assembling, and test and evaluation for the control box and wire harness in semiconductor production. Also, chip mounter and machine tools, and all kinds of test equipment, production inspection equipment and wire harnesses used in the defense industry are developed and manufactured by Daegun Tech. Recently, the MyD 3D Printer business was newly established and the S 140 Series were released on the market.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Daegun’s MyD S140 printer series uses fused deposition modeling (FDM) method, and FDM is the most typical method for intermediate or popular 3D printers. The printing method is to laminate thin layers of thermo plasticity material such as PLA or ABS by melting in the nozzle. The mechanism and control of MyD S140 is easier than the SLA, SLS and DLP method.

The MyD S 140 3D Printer applied professional-level of L/M system and precise step motor, to maintain better stability and precision than other drive methods. Also, it ensures high quality prototype output. MyD S 140 enables easy output removal, by applying the removable bed. After finishing printing, the output can be removed and confirmed easily and quickly.

A-major-maker-of-industrial-printers Daegun Tech’s cable assembly is industrial cables for the defense industry, industrial equipment cables, and the machine tool cables. For the defense industry, cable assembly, harness, and test equipment are produced with unfailing precision, and also produces exclusive test equipment such as the breakout box, portable aircraft test equipment for the hydraulic system, and the rotor defroster terrestrial function.

For industrial equipment cable, all cable assemblies and harnesses into chip mounting equipment are produced. Also, the machine tool cable is mainly supplied to Doosan, as high precision tool machine’s cable, cable assembly and cable harness.

Daegun Tech established its own affiliated R&D Center, and through the center, new products and technologies are continuously developed. Products developed and manufactured by the company are supplied to the semiconductor and defense industry, which require high precision and quality.

Daegun Tech had been approved and acknowledged of its excellence in quality through many companies, including Samsung, Doosan, and Korea Aerospace Industries.

Daegun Tech was acknowledged by the Korean government as the innovative venture company, and also as the “INNO-BIZ” company. Also, several certifications had been acquired, including the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 Certifications.

Moreover, numerous patents had been registered and acquired, related to the mobile testing device for the electronic components of an aircraft, and many others.

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