Digital audio player

[INQ. NO. 1410E31] Established in 2011, JD Sound is a company specializing in digital audio player with a support of the entrepreneur program provided by Korean government. JD Sound’s flagship product is the Monster GODJ. Monster GODJ is the world’s first real stand-alone and portable DJ equipment. JD SOUND will keep growing up to audio/sound expert company by producing a variety of creative and innovative audio products that meet our customer’s expectations.

Monster GODJ is the world’s first ‘real stand alone and portable DJ machine’. There are several products with a similar concept though, none of them are real stand-alone (require PC) and none of them are portable (huge and require AC power). This product is so called “DJ equipment” and used to control the sound in the clubs or parties.

Digital-audio-player This product is designed to achieve portability so that anyone can bring it everywhere, such as events, parties and performances. Remarkable features are, dual touch panel LCDs, physical rotary knobs, and a slider bar. User can easily handle two sound sources with using the dual touch panel LCDs, and can feel analog sensibility with using the physical knobs and the slider bar. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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