ENT unit

[INQ. NO. 1411E02] Mega Medical began its business in 1995 by producing medical equipment highly effective in treating ear, nose, and throat problems. It has grown into one of the leading Korean companies, based on continuous growth with growing market share.

ENT-unithttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiryOver the past 19 years, Mega Medical has been the leading manufacturer and seller of ENT units in the local market, while enjoying an excellent reputation.

Thus far, the company has formed trade relationships with more than 40 countries worldwide, including China, Turkey, and nations in the Middle East. This accumulated experience encourages the company to play a bigger role in the global medical market.

ENT-unit_1Mega Medical quickly became the nation’s largest supplier of medical equipment for ENT and household use after entering the market for familyuse and physical therapy equipment. Today, Mega Medical continues to grow by being a “Total solution” provider in the medical equipment field – a market that is rapidly expanding due to the greater awareness of health issues among the general population, as well as greater demand for family-use medical equipment.

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