Digital wireless communication solution (Transceiver)

[INQ. NO. 1412E08] Since Seyoung Information & Telecommunication was spun off from the Network Business Unit of Samsung Electronics at 1998, the company has steadily expanded its business area as a professional repairing company. Its repairing area has now grown to cover highspeed terminals and CDMA vase station equipment based on its repairing technique in exchanger area.

Transceiver It also develops short-range wireless communication solutions (WIWI) and IP based multimedia communication solution(S-media) utilizing its accumulated knowledge and know-how in H/W and S/W field gained after many years of repairing. Seyoung Info & Telaggressively copes with demand of the future and keep pace with rapidly changing technology and customers’ requirements thanks to the complete quality management, innovative management and experienced experts.

WiWI(SH-320) from the company is 2.4GHz digital wireless communication solution(Transceiver). Simultaneous two-way voice communication among headsets(wiwi) is available. Four- channel use is supported and is available for concurrent communication among three persons in maximum per channel and the audio receiving is possible by adding another 255persons. It is easily portable(weighs just 39g) and can be used while moving. Also provides voice and audio data communication and high-security communication.

It can be linked with audio devices including TV, PC, MP3, Speaker etc. WIWI is being used to various fields (Tour Guide, Industrial field, Broadcasting, Riding horse, Business meetings, etc.). Operation time is Max 8 to 12hours and charging time only 2hours. Dongle(UD-110), option product, supports bi-directional audio when it is connected to other multimedia with USB cable. The acoustic source is audible from multimedia via SH-320, and its voice inputs to the computer via SH-320 mic. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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