Testing & measuring instruments

[INQ. NO. 1412E03] Established in 2005, ODA Technology is a specialty testing & measuring instruments enterprise covering Programmable DC Power Supply, Programmable DC Electronic Load, Programmable AC Power Source, and reliability/durability/life-time test systems & solutions. In Korea the company operates three branches, and seven special agencies, and has secured several overseas distributors in Israel, Poland, Vietnam, and Australia.


Testing-&-measuring-instruments_1 ODA Technologies has developed switching type Programmable DC Power Supply, the first in South Korea, and the third in the world, respectively. In spite of its small size and light weight, the product is currently widely applied in various areas including factory automation and testing & development fields, supplying maximum power.

Testing-&-measuring-instruments_2 OPE Series provides RS-232C (RS-485 Option) enabling many functions such as control and data collection with the PC or PLC through an RS-232C communication interface. The company’s product enables programmers to produce applications with ease by adopting standard SCPI programming language. Moreover, it is possible to develop the system with ease by using the application that is provided by the company. OPS Series is extensively applied in research institutes and schools, equipped with small multi-channels.

OPM Series is strongly recommendable for who want to form DC Power Supply product from more than two up to 255, generating up to 30% of cost-saving effects, and thus allowing users to constitute a multi-channel for precision measuring equipment.

OPM Series is a highly precise, highly responsive multi channel Programmable DC Power Supply that can control not only a minimum of two insulated output channels, but also up to 255 output channels using one main controller. It is a product that can be applied to various areas including industrial fields, research centers, etc.

Testing-&-measuring-instruments_3 LP Series is a sort of programmable DC electronic load that carries out tests on various kinds of components and products through its own programming, promoted by rapid rising time and dynamic mode, ultimately generating the optimal data.

As an electronic power measurement device specialized company, the company further supplies high voltage & high current power, as well as total solution through the operation of multi-purpose measurement devices with multi channel.

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