LED security light, LED street light

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[INQ. NO. 1412E17] Founded in 2009, Navery Korea has consistently developed and manufactured next-generation LED lighting products with eco-friendly, high-energy efficiency features through massive investments in R&D.

LED-security-light,-LED-street-lighthttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry As an inno biz company, Navery Korea has been winning solid recognition for its quality products applied with advanced technology. In 2013, it became the 8th company in Korea to acquire the certificate of “Green Specialty Enterprise.” Navery Korea also received the “Excellent Products” certificate awarded by PPS in the sector of outdoor lights, and thus ranked 2nd in the sale of LED lights for PPS from 2010 ~ 2012 and ranked 1st for five years in a row from 2009 ~ 2013 in the sector of LED floodlights. Those results helped the company to remain a leading company in the field in Korea.

Now in addition to its LED floodlight, two other lighting products – LED security light, LED street light – also lead the company’s advance into potential overseas markets. Displaying a longer life of a minimum of 50,000 hours, the two LED products consume less power than the existing discharge ones. Also the two have high-efficiency converters in them, so that they show high lighting efficiency. Changes of reflector for them allow specification adjustment to meet installation height and light distribution type. The two are products acquired high-efficiency apparatus certification.

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