Top-level printers

[INQ. NO. 1502E06] One of the main computer peripherals is a printer. This printing device produces text or graphic documents on print mediums like papers.

It connects to a computer with a cable or via network, USB, Wi-Fi, etc. And there are of course many different types; the most common ones are inkjet and laser printers. In the printer market, people may constantly become tired of encountering so many different print solution providers that offer the same services again and again. Now, however, there is one on the market with a real difference, standing out from the crowd, and that is Bixolon.

Top-level-printers Launched in 2002, Bixolon has been able to expand its core business with extensive investment and efforts. With technologies and services, the printer maker already entered the European and American market and has generated a positive reaction from local customers by strengthening its business networks.

Top-level-printers_1 Bixolon offers numerous printers for many uses. Among them, thermal printer model SRP-372 and SRP 370 are mini printers with the latest technology and stability. These fast speed printers at 200mm/sec can contribute to retailers and hospitality businesses, and are ideal for printing company logos and even barcodes or coupons. They feature one-touch cover open and easy paper loading function.

For restaurants, bars, parking lots, service reports, etc., Bixolon offers affordable impact printers such as SRP-275, SRP-280, and SRP-270 with high reliability and quality printing performance. SRP-270 is the best-selling model with its user-friendly design and can print 4.6 lines per second with stability.

SRP-275 makes much less noise and runs with a Virtual Memory Switch Manager (VMSM) that helps users change options easily. SRP-280 is highly durable and compatible with various systems and sells at a competitive price. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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