Touch PC POS system

[INQ. NO. 1502E14] Hanasis has been professionally committed to providing highest-quality POS (point-of-sale) system, which controls and analyzes all information efficiently and conveniently all information of purchased products upon the transacting of sales of certain items. Despite the short business history, Hanasis has rapidly grown into one of the major suppliers of POS systems and touch screens in South Korean market. With the intensified investment in R&D, it continues to produce highest-quality POS products displaying top-class performance.

The flagship POS model MICUS7+, which has a compact design and high-performance CPU, provides users not only high-tech solutions but also fine elegance without noise. It was once recognized as the best model among all kinds of models displayed at the 2009 edition of CeBIT due to excellent design in function leading the technological trends.

Touch-PC-POS-system The latest MICUS37 comes with the large and brighter 17″ touch monitor. It has an Intel dual core CPU performing the same capacity as Intel PIV. Notably, it features stable operation with basically high durability. It is very attractive featuring highly sophisticated and elegant design in new paradigm. The applied compact design realizes maximum utilization.

The NIZON is new generation of POS system. Designed according to the principle of emphasizing the aspect of user-and eco-friendly, the removable system parts of the product permit the user to take service easily. The front panel is dust and water-spill resistant and Intel Atom technology offers high-speed performance.

Another flagship product touch monitors (15” & 17”) are also worthy of being fully promoted among global clients with the help of their highly sophisticated and elegant designs. With the compact design, they display maximum utilization respectively, displaying no blanks and harmful electromagnetic waves. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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