Biometric access controllers

[INQ. NO. 1502E23] Established in 2010, NET has specialized in releasing of synthesized IT solutions by developing RAID sub-system and biometrics. Based on the technology of fingerprint sensor and algorithm, NET’s products make up the core of fingerprint recognition, and with the diversification in the use of biometrics worldwide, NET will not only satisfy, but exceed the expectations of its customers. NET currently supplies OEM sensors, fingerprint algorithm embedded modules, USB scanners for logical access and for AFIS, and integrated systems for physical access and time attendance.

Biometric-access-controllers NET’s GAMII Biometric Identifier is a digital device in analog design enclosure, with biometric access control and time attendance. The finger identification is 1:20,000 in 1 second, and it is the world’s first certification within 1 second. The product includes automatic ON function identified in one touch with the fingerprint, and supports multi-security methods of fingerprint, RFID, and password. Also, various RFID cards are supported, including Milfare, ISO, and FeliCA. Moreover, TCP / IP are supported, and the product size is 170X150.5X62.6mm.

BioChave biometric access control is a customercustomized product including fingerprint algorithm and using LE sensor. It is installed into the building, and uses only live finger through the LE sensor. The product acquired international standards including CE and KC.

Biometric-access-controllers_1 NET’s two other products GoLF and GiRF are fingerprint identification devices mounted with fingerprint access function and RFID function. IT is applicable to 1:1 individual storage or 1:30 group storages. They are offered in red+grey and black+black color, and provide standalone access control, and small and fast authentication. They are 33.2 x 94.2 x 13.8mm in size.

With its technical know-how, a competitive cost-saving system, customer-oriented sales capacity, ideal technology and creative ergonomic designs, NET is continuing making its efforts to meet a customer’s requirements through one-stop service. NET has exclusive algorithm, sensors and solutions for the system integration based on the customer needs. Products of NET are supplied to the Air Force, and exported to several foreign countries, including Brazil and Japan.

NET has acquired several certifications and international standards such as the CE, KC Mark, and through the company’s own algorithm, sensors and solutions, the technologies provide differentiation from other competitors. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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