Hybrid DVR

[INQ. NO. 1504E11] As a competitive security solution developer and manufacturer, K-New designs, manufactures, and implements cost-effective and creative video solutions which include PC DVR, NVR, IP hybrid DVR, HD-SDI DVR, HD-SDI hybrid DVR. It can support convergence solutions monitoring and controlling fire, Wi-Fi repeater, logistics, and 5M pixel 360° IP camera.


Hybrid-DVR_1 K-New’s KHDY-1616 is a hybrid DVR of HD-SDI and IP. It can simultaneously input 2M pixel (1080p) resolution of HD SDI video and input video of up to 5M pixel 360° IP camera. It support H.264codec. Covering 16 channels, it can supports functions of display, storage, searching, back-ups and network transmission at the same time. It ensures resolution of up to 2592×1920, supporting various functions of remote monitoring such as CMS, smartphones, and network backup.

Also IP camera’s saved 5M pixel 360° video allows display and search on the four split screen mode and supports surveillance function on four-direction with only one camera. KHDY-1616 supports function of EMap by which operators can identify the location information of the monitors such as each camera, sensors, and relay. With this model, users can enjoy functions of event save mode (sensor, sensor and motion monitoring, motion monitoring) fitting to each situation, and free set scheduling.

Also, it can be operated with the NAS system that can save big data for long periods of time, so it is effective as a solution designed for long-term storage of back-up data. In particular, it is increasingly gaining attention for the areas of blind spot, a place free from continuous video surveillance, crime prevention, and ITS. It is expected to be a player that leads the highquality digital technologies in the existing CCTV market.

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