New concept of DID system

[INQ. NO. 1504E05] Elivision’s latest version of digital information display (DID) “Kiosk” is expected to again catch a bulk of attention through promotions in global potential markets.

This product automatically adjusts the height of its touch screen to the optimal level for users considering users’ personal height, technologically measuring the specific height of users who approach it by utilizing multiple sensors installed on it.

New-concept-of-DID-system In doing so, the new Kiosk system economically and effectively addresses the sensitive matter of installing additional separate DID systems for meeting the requirements of users of various heights. In addition, for the additional fine adjustment of height of the touch screen for the convenience of users, a manual adjustment function is also available.

The system offers operators significant savings in costs and space, compared to the competitors’ models, thus allowing the user to take considerable managerial control. Thanks to its advantageous feature of taking into account the inconvenience of those who have no standard heights in their specific ages, the latest version of its DID has value enough to be widely promoted worldwide, especially in advanced countries where user-friendliness is highly emphasized.

New-concept-of-DID-system_1 Company president An Deuk-geun said, “We are
currently further broadening our technological territory into the area of customized-DID systems, strengthening the leadership of our cuttingedge digital information display in global markets. We will significantly boost the share of overseas sales from the current 10 percent of our total sales to 30 percent as part of our continuing endeavors toward global-leading DID players.

In response to a question about whether its existing DID models still maintain their competitiveness in the market or not, the innovative president reacted optimistically by adding his remarks about the overall features of its existing flagship models: “Our existing HD Embedded DID systems, which are highly durable and easy to operate, need no additional DVD player or VTR as a storage medium is embedded in the systems. Automatic and repeat playback of pictures and video are available without any special operation, once the power is supplied. The built-in timer turns the system on and off at specific preset times. Both a remote controller and wireless/wired network are available for the monitoring as well as control of the system. Not only the main administrator of the system but any on-site manager can revise or upgrade their music, information and video of their system, as the systems share the server. “

“Our competitive wide range of DID systems helps reduce the cost of ownership thanks to its Linux OS, while conventional DID is too large and more expensive for the cost, as it has a built-in PC and requires Windows OS,” he added.

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