Samsung Electronics sees the rebirth of system semiconductors as a money-making player

Boosted by excellent performance of three major parts of system semiconductors, Samsung Electronics’ system LSI business is positioning itself as a moneymaking division, from a money-losing body. Last year, System LSI recorded around one trillion won ($881million) deficit, but this year it is expected to post at least 500 billion won profit.

An electronics industry source recently said that the major contributor to the revival is the Application Processor (AP), the core part of smartphones. As it again signed a cooperation deal with Apple and released the 14-nano FinFET AP, Samsung is expected to generate higher AP revenue from the first half of this year. The global electronics giant has succeeded in mass-producing mobile AP using 14-nm FinFET. Apple plans to incorporate the 14-nano FinFET technology in its iPhone7, scheduled to be released in October.

The abovementioned 14-nm refers to the 14 of one billion-thick meter semiconductor circuit. FinFET is the technology that accelerates the speed of the information process by making semiconductor devices a thirddimension structure. No others can compare with Samsung in this technology, placing it in the dominant position in the world. Qualcomm last year pulled in more than half of the sales in the global market worth $5.7 billion, with Samsung Electronics’ share accounting for 4.2 percent, according to a market research firm SA. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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