Samsung Techwin develops autonomous unmanned vehicle

Samsung Techwin has succeeded in developing an autonomous unmanned vehicle, which can drive on it own on roads and even on mountainous territory and plains. It also firstly made a drone with a folding wing in a sign to spur efforts to build new technology.

Autonomous unmanned vehicles and drones are noteworthy as they fall into the future technology sector, into which global giants including Google, Amazon and Alibaba are energetically leaping, to gain predominant positions early by securing new technology and releasing pilot products.

An industry source said recently that Samsung Techwin developed its autonomous unmanned vehicle ‘Star-M’ in cooperation with around 80 researchers with masters and doctors degrees in robot and video analysis.

Autonomous unmanned vehicles (AUVs) have competitive functions of automatically driving on ordinary roads and even bumpy ones as well. Unmanned vehicles by car makers and Google need drivers, while Star-M can move automatically without drivers. Samsung Techwin recently said an AUV equipped with total solutions in unmanned robot system including robot and video analysis, Star-M can reach the destination while driving on its own in mountainous areas, unlike Google and car makers’ basic function of driving on the road. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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