MH-1600H (H.264) DVR

[INQ. NO. 1506E09] The MH-1600H (H.264) DVR by WEBgate compresses and stores 16 analog camera signals using H.264. The product uses the company’s control center (CC) program, thereby allowing users to monitor even from a distance where Internet access is available and enabling access and monitor by using smartphones such as I-Phone, Blackberry, etc. Its outstanding functional features include excellent transport capacity by using the maker’s own technologies.

MH-1600H-(H.264)-DVR With its built-in multi-monitoring output function, users can monitor the target object thoroughly by utilizing multiple monitors. Using the external storage device, the model is capable of storing up to 32TB. It is mainly being exported to the USA and the EU. The company is actively producing and exporting image storage surveillance equipment (digital video recorder) and network security equipment (network camera, server), with the monthly production capacity of from 1,500 to 2,000 units.

Since its R&D center was established in 1997, the company has participated in developing high-tech armament projects. The company has developed ASIC chips for super-high-resolution image compression and decompression and developed imageprocessing devices for pilot-less reconnaissance planes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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