Wireless CCTV system

[INQ. NO. 1506E11] Kanaeng’s MBro-WCS is a surveillance system that transmits highdefinition video through a control center wirelessly. The system converts HD/SD video into digital signals through wired/ wireless transmitters, which are then transmitted to the control center. Transmitted signals are reverse converted into SD/ HD video to be used for security and monitoring purposes.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry The system comprises a wire/wireless image transmitter (MBro-WVT), wireless image receiver (MBro-WVR), high-resolution image recording/ storing device (MBro- MVS) and image Display & Management (CMS).

The system is based on a ‘high-speed image storing patent’ and ‘long distance transmission for the high-definition video technology’ system’s capability on storing and recovering high volume of videos. This allows it to overcome traditional technical limitations on installing a massive number of CCTVs over large areas.

The MBro-WVT (wireless video transmitter) is a device that can transmit SD / HD video wirelessly from short range to long range (longer than 3km) by converting/compressing from analogue to digital signals.

Wireless-CCTV-systemDepending on the installation environment, both indoor and outdoor types exist. Choice can be made between SD composite and HD-SDI types based on its target uses. Cost-effective and diverse functionalities of the system provide high usability.

MBro-WVR provides complete compatibility with 802.11a/n wireless devices. This device provides impressive performances with industrial wireless transmission devices, wireless video transmitters (CCTV), and Point-to-Point networks. By fully supporting 5GHz bandwidth and 802.11a/n, transmission is faster and covers a large area even compared to wired connections (150 Mbps).

MBro-WVR (wireless video receiver ) also provides ‘Enclosed Wireless Mesh Technology’ which is only available in expensive wireless Mesh devices. Furthermore, the system supports ‘Bridge mode’ which allows long range transmission with 802.11a/n standard Access Points

MBro-WVR automatically selects a channel that can provide the best performance by analyzing Analog signals and Wi-Fi signals in 5 GHz bandwidth. Administrators can also monitor signal status in real time, such as Wi-Fi signal strength. The company’s MBro-MVS provides a large amount of SD/HD videos taken from camera to be transmitted and stored without losing their high quality. The device also offers a tremendously long recording time with high reliability.

New technology that allows the processor to store the data in parallel also solves performance problems with the previous version of device which was processed in serial. Such improvement enables a large number of SD/HD Videos to be saved and restored almost instantly.

The device also allows instant search/monitor mechanism (within 1s) and unlimited length recording ability to store/restore 128 channel/30fps videos. MBro-MVS offers the users with various administrative options that provide compatibility with other peripheral devices. The system is highly configurable, thus fully providing effective usage of disk drives (100% of hard disk space can be used).

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