Daum Kakao to launch a Korean Version of YouTube

Daum Kakao will begin its ‘Kakao TV’ service from this month, allowing for mobile video to be viewed and shared through the social chatting service Kakao Talk. Currently, the biggest attention is focused on whether the new service could be a rival of the existing similar services of YouTube and Facebook.

According to industry sources, Daum Kakao is boosting its promotional eff orts ahead of the launch of its Kakao TV service. The new service will distribute video clips produced by non professionals with smartphones, in addition to those produced by the existing broadcasters. A spokesperson for Daum Kakao explained, “We’re preparing to release the mobile video-oriented service and aim to circulate more video contents through Kakao Talk,” adding that the details have yet to be decided and they will be ready within June.

Kakao TV will be diff erent from the ‘Daum TV Pot’ service which is already in operation. Daum TV Pot is mostly operated on PC, while Kakao TV will be mobile-oriented and has a primary purpose of sharing smartphone-based videos. The fi rm became confi dent about the new service as more videos are being uploaded on Kakao Story.

In cooperation with video contents producers that Daum-Kakao has contracted from early this year, Kakao TV will focus on quality contents to attract more attention from viewers. Aside from Kakao TV, Daum Kakao is making eff orts to expand its Online to Offline (O2O) service which connects real life with mobile. It is actively preparing for new projects about character and mobile banking service.

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