Display for excavator

GKR is a specialized company in the development and manufacturing of instrument clusters. The company hopes to have a chance to build long-term business relationships with your esteemed company. The company’s production items are for instrument clusters for construction equipment, agricultural equipment, electric vehicles, buses, commercial vehicles, vessels, and so forth.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryCKR’s 5.7” Meter display for excavator (construction equipment) is manufactured to be perfectly operated even in severe conditions and hazardous terrains of most construction areas, GKR’s dependable and accurate TFT display will keep the operator safe. It is built with 32bit flash MCU control lime graphic controller ROM memory: 64MB, CAN (J1939) / RS232 communication control, 5.7” TFT LCD display, system information monitoring, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) TV, rear camera, handsfree Bluetooth, USB, immobilizer. It supports eight languages.

Display-for-excavator CKR’s smart eco gauge is designed to effectively display a driver’s drving condition, especially ‘(instant & Average) Fuel Efficiency Rate’, ‘Fuel Quantity used’, ‘Fuel cost)’ based on the information from OBDII (On- board diagnosis). Easy-to-see display information helps you to find out and improve your driving habits and help you to save your driving cost. CKR’s agricultural meter cluster is a display unit that shows vehicle or equipment information such as speed, rpm, fuel amount, coolant temperatures and other warning information.

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