Dual sided screen display

Ever since its establishment in 2006, Nanorex has specialized in developing and producing top-quality, well-being ventilating systems with the purpose of providing better indoor air quality. In the meantime, the company has begun expanding its business fields into environmentally friendly items and has been focused on the development of film. After a series of aggressive efforts, Nanorex has seen notable advancement in the field of Dual Sided Screen Display (window display).

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry When using a projector on the film, it can be viewed dual-sided. The Dual-Sided Screen is used in a variety of applications such as advertising – for example on shop windows, partitions, education, business meetings and home cinemas, etc. A feature is that it has both side and wide size of screen due to its width of 80”, 100”, 120” and over. There are two kinds of “See & See” film: one is the pendant type, the other is an attachable type on glass or transparent panel. The company can provide six kinds of colored films, which come in white, double white, gray, dark gray, mirror, ultra black and clear.

Dual-sided-screen-display The dual screen is made of PET film not PVC. Accordingly, it has no contraction and expansion. You can use adhesive which minimizes the occurring issues of bubbles when you attach a screen film to glass or panel. The Dual Sided Screen embodies excellent images by applying special optical copolymer. Besides, the screen blocks UV rays.

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