Portable partial discharge diagnostic device for transformer and GIS

Since its establishment in 1989, YouSung has been contributing to the implementation of futuristic electrical power business as a high quality and trustworthy manufacturer of distribution panels, protection panels, monitoring & control panels, automation panels, protection relay, PD measuring device, smart grid, which are the main business area for the development of the electricity industry. At present, YouSung invests 15% of profits in R&D to develop IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) for power plant and substation automation.

Portable-partial-discharge-diagnostic-device-for-transformer-and-GIShttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry YSPD-3200P portable measuring system is a measurement device verifying the presence of defects inside transformers and its positions using the UHF partial discharge measuring method and AE measurement system identifying the fault positions in order to check the status of currently operating fi eld installed transformer.

The company’s smart multifunctional YSDPI-9800 GIS IED is used to protect the electric system devices or lines by detecting the overload, short circuit and grounding fault current, over voltage, low voltage & other faults, and interrupting or alarming operation. YSDPI-9800 GIS IED with monitoring, controlling, measuring, interlocking and EC61850 communication functions is the most suitable intelligent digital electronic device for digital power substations.

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