Black box

[INQ. NO. 1508E16] MiDong Electronics&Telecommunication has committ ed itself to research, development, production and distribution of Drive recorder since its foundation in 2009. The company has early launched brand of Urive in 2010 in the country and achieved recognition of product competitiveness and brand power based on the domestic market as it had No. 1 sales record of black box in 2011 under the consistent products line-up, reliable products and the satisfying customer service. Furthermore, the company is leading the black box market with the introduction of new technology and design. The core technologies from the company include Advanced Driver Assistance System (Digital Image Processing Technology, Lane Departure Warning System, Car Rear-End Collision Warning System and Back Parking Assistance System) and Video/Audio Compression in Multi-Channel, Motion detection, GPS and Collision Sensing. Applying these technologies and combining them with the product, the company has developed and produced black boxes with the world’s highest performance and quality.

Black-box In current years, the company is making its efforts mainly for developing some products such as integrated some of ADAS(Advanced driver assistance system) into the Drive recorders. The company’s latest black box model Urive Albatross􀀀 has high resolution LCD(800×480) while boasting 3.5inch wide touch LCD. Two sensors are embedded for the brand – shock sensor-parking mode and G sensor-driving mode. And services of voice information and up to 64GB of micro SD card are ensured. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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