LED-light power bank

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1508E23] Founded in 2000, Newhansys has recently unveiled a prototype of LED-light power bank called “New Ssun” and it won high favorable responses among potential buyers when carrying out market research in local market.

LED-light-power-bankhttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Base on such confidence, Newhansys designed a concept of New Ssun Minira, to be released soon. That product is a combined product of subbattery (the so-called power bank) and LED, designed with a form of all-inone. Once, the charging through electricity supply from general adapters or solar light (by using a panel), it can perform the role of a so-called LED-light power bank that can power not only mobile phones, but also LED. With the size of a Galaxy Note, it is already highly expected to create a sensation in the industry and related sectors.

From the initial stage of its business, Newhansys has specialized in developing and manufacturing eco-friendly, price-competitive electricity products including portable auxiliary batteries, portable charging voltage/current measuring instruments, residential electricity rate indicators, and small solar panels. Of special note, in 2008, it has uncovered its ambitious outcome of portable auxiliary batteries and measuring instruments, following its prior move of releasing a circuitbreaker type of real-time electricity charges indicators and alarm device.

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