Digital putting trainer ‘In Birdie P-200’

DMBH was established to realize values and bring greater affluence to the healthy lifestyle which is the basic and sublime value of humanity and will continue to strive to bring more benefits to more people in the world. DMBH devoted itself to taking the leadership in the fierce technological competition by securing original intelligent robot technology and preparing the service system that can impress all of our customers. DMBH’s advanced digital putting trainer ‘InBirdie P-200’ enables the users to practice long putting in a small space. The users can practice putting for 20m or longer distance in a 2.0m long space. It displays the actual putting distance based on the results of various distance tests conducted with the putting robot. It is a new type of trainer that helps you to enhance the sense of rhythm and sense of distance for it allows you to intuitively recognize the distribution of balls you repeatedly hit.

Digital-putting-trainer-‘In-Birdie-P-200’ The product also provides the putting track for you to effectively practice putting strokes. InBirdie P-200 with slim and compact design fits all types of places as an interior ornament.

DMBH is making all-out efforts to secure technology in response to the globalization trend and make progress as a worldclass company through technological cooperation with foreign countries including the USA, Japan, and Russia. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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