Electronic board

Since 2003, HansJungbo has manufactured touch-screen monitors for industrial applications using Microsoft touch-screens, which are supplied under an agency agreement. It played a pioneering role in developing touch-screen monitors by integrating touch-screen into a variety of displays in Korea for the first time. The customers include Kangwon Land (Casino & Resort), the National Assembly Building of Korea, Incheon International Airport Railroad Guide System, and so forth. In 2012, we supplied 100 sets of 70-inch electronic boards to AIC, a government vendor in Vietnam.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry The company’s electronic board is a new concept E-learning system in which writing, voice and video of teachers can be stored and edited. The most detailed and accurate writing and touch can be done among all electronic boards with a form of infrared touch. Multimedia classes are thus possible in connection with a digital podium or other equipment. It enhances students’ attention and understanding through the clear screen of high-definition LED.

Put actual products you want to advertise such as wine or perfume, cosmetics in the case and from outside, the consumer can see the product in the case through the transparent LCD monitor. It is an advertising and promoting Smart showcase through which both the actual product and advertisement contents related to the actual product can be seen at the same time by displaying the contents indicating the material, features and use of the product on the transparent screen.


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