Engine solenoid

Established in 2000, Yong-Moon Electronics has been mainly manufactured car solenoid parts, mainly for local global car makers, playing an important role in the development of the nation’s industry.

Engine-solenoid https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry The current major scope of solenoid parts include keylock solenoid, auto lever solenoid, K9 H/R solenoid, doorlock solenoid, auto lever solenoid, and engine solenoid. Yong Moon Electronics has delivered car solenoid parts to Hyundai, Daewoo(GM Korea) from 2003 to 2013. The current major customers for the company include GM Korea, Hyundai-Kia Motor, Samsung, and Dusan.

Yong-Moon Electronics delivers engine solenoid parts to such companies’ forklift trucks as Dusan, Hyundai. Those parts designed to be fuel-injection solenoid parts. They require D.C 12V, 3.4mm of strock ,and 3kgf(7.5A) of push. From recently, Yong-Moon Electronics is annually recording KRW 50million in sales, despite of many challenges in market. Yong-Moon Electronics is also committed to massively produce K9 solenoid, J200 gear box solenoid.

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