Digital Incubator

Autoelex was established in 1991 with its motto “We are committed to doing whatever we want and believe.” It has expanded its market to about 30 other countries so far for its R-Com incubator and continued aiming to be known in the world as the best brand, based on its high technology and innovative thinking. And it has finally become one of the leading incubators manufacturers in the world.

Autoelex’s Rcom incubator’ is more famous overseas than in Korea because 90% of its output is exported to 59 countries around the world. ‘Rcom incubator’ is the representative item of the company, which was awarded the best educational device by the Teachers Association in the United States, and awarded for its new technology of digital incubator in Geneva, Switzerland.

The brand is considered to be one of the best educational devices, through which people can experience the mystery of birth and life directly. The EZ scope (Candler) can inspect the incubation process optionally.  It can be used as an educational program in kindergartens or schools. Optimum automatic incubation function is available by selecting the bird type (icon). And LCD display is notably supported with all incubation information, such as Temp. & Humi and egg-turning and countdown.

PRO 10

Autoelex Co., Ltd.

612, Deokam-ri, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Tel:(82-55) 337-2561~3     Fax:(82-55) 337-2568
E-mail :

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