Thermal fuses (Organic thermal element type)

Founded in 1987, Dong Yang Electronics became one of the world’s leading companies in the thermal fuses industry. Thermal fuses are designed to provide utmost protection against overheating of all electric and electronics products.

This company’s thermal fuses (organic thermal element type) are used to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electric and electronic products. D.Y.E thermal fuses are one-shot (non-resettable) thermal fuses that separate electrical contacts when the temperature exceeds the preset value.

When the ambient temperature rises to the functioning temperature the thermal element melts and the spring moves the contact away, opening the circuit permanently. These products are highly applicable to most electric home appliances and heating devices, coil-winding products and power supplies, office equipment and telecommunication devices, and automobiles & other electronic components.

Now surprisingly such highly competitive and attractive products are shipped to over 50 countries including some European nations, Hong Kong, China, and the Unites States. And this company hopes such items will be positioned as premium and highly competitive items especially in foreign markets of India, Indonesia, and Brazil.


Dong Yang Electronics

72, Jangju-dong, Gwanju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Tel:(82-31) 766-8011   Fax:(82-31) 766-8015




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