Security videophone

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COMMAX’s CDV-72UM is a security videophone that ensures 24-hour home security through real-time notification and motion detection features. Since the motion detection activates the video recording feature from the CCTV camera or door camera, you are able to real-time check and monitor movements at the front door over COMMAX CDV-72UM.

Moreover, the fact that COMMAX CDV-72UM saves videos of visitors, still images, and voice calls helps you calm your fear of keeping your home safe. The model’s functions include real-time monitoring by motion detection, memory storing in Micro SD card, expandable up to two monitors with two CCTV cameras and two door cameras, full touch screen, PAL/NTSC convertible, video talk and door lock release enable, and door camera (DRC-40KA) connectable.

Founded in 1968, as a professional SmartHome and security company Korea, COMMAX has been leading developments in global information-communication. Manufacturing from interphones to videophones, Home Automation, Home Network, SmartHome Solution and introducing up-to-date technologies and new products from audio to video, from analogue to digital, and from wired to wireless, COMMAX has constantly sought to add different lifestyle and safety features for customers during the past half-century. COMMAX will be creating more convenient yet smarter paradigms, and introducing new converged and integrated IoT solutions in order to dominate the diversified security market beyond the home security market, and lead technology-oriented innovations from product-oriented innovations.

COMMAX Co., Ltd.

513-11,Sangdeawon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Tel: (82-31) 739-3696  Fax: (82-31) 731-8797




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