Absorptive IR Cut-off Filter for Image Sensor

[OPTRONTEC] CIOPTRONTEC has been the leader for development of the optoelectronic parts industry and is becoming a global organization through endless change and commonplace innovation. Based on such advanced technology, OPTRONTEC is focusing on the development of http://korean-machinery.com///inquirytechnology for best quality as well as development of excellent human resources, management that follows basic principles, and corporate culture of giving something back to society. By producing the best optoelectronic products through endless technology innovation, OPTRONTEC is striving to make people’s lives brighter and more bountiful.

[OPTRONTEC] Blue Filter ImageOPTRONTEC’s absorptive IR Cut-off Filter, which is made of special blue glass and optical film, is the most representative product for the company and presents clear and sharp picture quality by absorbing the infrared light unlike the regular reflective filter, which just blocks infrared light. The BSI (Back-Side Illumination) Image Sensor, which is used on high-resolution, presents clearer quality on high-resolution smartphones, minimizes the wavelength width (shift) by CRA (Chief Ray Angle) and reduces color shading symptoms.


19-15, Pyeongsan-ro 8beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Tel:(82-42)  360-1844                Fax:(82-42) 360-1844

E-mail: optron21@optrontec.com

Website: http://www.optrontec.com

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