AHD™ FHD Camera

NEXTCHIP is a fabless company that produces semiconductors for the products required most in our daily lives. Demand for security to protect one’s life, property and information has grown steadily, and video security has become a pivotal part that can enhance the quality of everyday life.http://korean-machinery.com///inquiry

NEXTCHIP has committed to the development of semiconductor technology required in the video security industry, and this technology competency is sure to further contribute to the improvement of national competitiveness in the IT industry worldwide. It is devoted to developing the video security technology, which is essential to our everyday lives and those of our descendants. This is our vision and philosophy.

NEXTCHIP’s NVP6124 is a RX chip belonging to the AHD™ product family. It provides DVR solutions with FHD 4CHs. It offers a system-friendly development environment so that users can easily configure input formats out of CVBS, COMET AHD1.0 or AHD2.0 per channel. To ensure image quality in a coax environment, advanced signal filtering technology is applied. It also comes with user-friendly RDK. AHD™ is the transmit solution with integrated unique cable driving technology developed by Nextchip.  It enables upgrade of FHD analog system as new standard designs.


8F, V Forum Bldg., 690, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-400, Korea

Tel:(82-2) 3460-4727   Fax:(82-2) 3460-4799

E-mail: sales@nextchip.com

Website: http://www.nextchip.com

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