Automatic tablet dispensing & packaging system

Founded in 1977 as a manufacturer and supplier of small medicine packaging machines, JVM developed an automatic tablet dispensing and packaging system (ATDPS), sweeping over the global market by developing strategic partnerships with other global market leaders.

ATDPS provides a highly accurate and cost-effective prescribing work environment by automating the entire preparation process from sorting, distributing, medication packaging to printing the required information on the sachets and inventory control, according to the prescription. ATDPS comes in four types; SL, BX, DO and DE, which all have their individual advantages, ensuring the maximum number of cassettes in a minimum space. The DO type, for instance, has the smallest footprint, as compared to other models available on the market.

JVM’s automatic prescription inspection system called VIZEN is also of now another strong growth engine of the company. VIZEN is a fast and accurate prescription inspection system that automatically compares all pouches for the printing information, volume, size, and shape to the patient, medicine information, and barcode based on information from the databases. All inspection records are logged as image and data for future use to support safe and accurate administration. For example, this information can be used to analyze preparation information, track medicines, and search administration history. VIZEN saves 80% of pharmacist’s manual inspection time and offers full traceability and maximum productivity for your pouch inspection process.

JVM Co., Ltd.

121, Hosandong-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Tel:(82-53) 608-2550        Fax:(82-53) 584-9027



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