Endoscopic vision system

Chammed is a leading manufacturer of otolaryngology devices for the ear, nose and throat in Korea. Its manufacturing range includes treatment units(table type&module type), patient’s chairs, and treatment devices. Now, Chammed is manufacturing endoscopic vision system as one of its main products.http://korean-machinery.com///inquiry

Since being established in 2005, Chammed has enjoyed good reputation for its high-quality and professional services from all over the world. The company operates its business based on the core values which include first-class quality, technology and service. As a 참메드result of its continued efforts, it was selected by the Korean government as one of the promising exporters with high growth potential.
Chammed’s two attractive endoscopic vision system models FHD-C3, L3 are emerging as ones of representative endoscopic vision system in global markets, with built-in cutting-edge competitive capacities. The main features include direct transferring of image to USB memory stick, autoclavable camera hea, wireless foot switch, up to four images of screen dividing function, transferring of network image to remote computer, and connectable with RCS-C3 or RCS-V1 and HD.



13Fl. GUNPO IT VALLEY A-dong, 17, Gosan Street 148beon-gil, Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Tel:(82-31) 8068-1409       Fax:(82-31) 8068-1430

E-mail: jc@chammed.co.kr

Website: http://www.chammed.co.kr

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