Portable iris authentication camera for PC

[INQ. NO. 1512E01] UBKey provides the most costeff ective and easy-to-use iris biometric solution available for identifying “who you are.” The company offers a comprehensive array of iris-based biometric platforms and SDK founded on its proprietary algorithm https://korean-electronics.com//inquirydesigned and developed to meet different requirements from various application developers and customers in government and commercial sectors for whatever the purpose might be: advanced security solutions for a logical identity management and protection, information/data security and assurance in addition to physical security. UBKey’s iris authentication device is a portable camera type that is small and low cost. For individual workstations, laptops, desktop PCs, or other remote user terminals in a variety of applications, it is an ideal solution that off ers various advantages. Such various features as portability and transportability, ease-of-use, higher iris image quality, accuracy & reliability, quick authentication and cost savings make this authentication
device more att ractive to users.

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