Air-conditioning and refrigerating systems

10[INQ. NO. 1602E13] AR Co., Ltd. has been consistently committed to developing various kinds of highest-class air-conditioning and refrigerating systems, while covering the full processes from design to since its founding in 1981. It has thus grown into one of the leading local professionals specializing in the air-conditioning and refrigerating fi elds, with its fl agship air-conditioning and refrigerating systems of thermo-hygrostat and chiller. The former fl agship item is widely applied in various areas including security offi ces, etc. The latt er for medical purposes is marketed both domestically and abroad to be applied in adjusting the temperature of medical equipment such as MRI, CT, PETCT, etc. in cooperation with Phillips Electronics, GE Healthcare and Siemens. Han, Sung-il, the Chairman of AR, said in an interview with Korea Buyers Guide “We are aggressively pushing ahead with promoting overseas marketing such as increasing quality reliability of equipment, identifying overseas partners and participating in overseas exhibitions frequently,” adding that “We are also making active overseas advances in the Middle East and India, while also briskly competing with multinational thermo-ygrostats manufacturers. When asked about whether it has eff ective strategy satisfying the specifi c needs of customers in both local and abroad, he responded by saying “We makes ceaseless eff orts of developing products that are equipped with a thermo-hygrostat’s new trend of eco-friendly features such as miniaturization, high performance, energy saving, low noise, safety, etc.” He went on to say, “We make our full-fl edged eff orts to secure competitiveness through R&D refl ecting the on-site problems and seizing the information collected from overseas markets and eff ectively utilizing the suggestion system supported by the entire staff . “By directly monitoring the temperature, humidity, and operating status of the equipment of client enterprises through utilizing web remote authentication system, we realize much shortened service time, making ourselves into a fi rm supplying diff erentiated services,” the innovator continued. When asked about the future of the local air-conditioning and refrigerating industry, the chairman ambitiously stressed “We need to develop and release the upgraded products covering the demands of all over the world especially including China, India, and European countries,” adding the personal goal that I ardently want to achieve is to manufacture the world’s highest-class IT applied products continuously and supply the very best service, while making further inroads into such next-generation business as IT business, distribution business, etc.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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