Best brainwave measuring instruments

[INQ. NO.1602E02] Eye Max’s brain teaching strengthens our concentration, which leads to an increase in grades, memory and prevents Alzheimer’s with use. This is a device with s/w packages to improve concentration for developing effective academic skills and memory enchantment. Targeting home, kindergarten, school and educational institutions, the product’s benefits include increase of concentration, support for measuring brain aging, etc. Eye Max’s brain game machine is a latest solution that can operate all home appliances such as TVs, lightings, with the help of only human’s thinking, by using brain waves. It is a kind of brainwave game machine and gamer cause operation of electric fan and wireless electric train, with only concentration on them. With this product, the users can enjoy the reduced stress and increase memory power and concentration. Eye Max has finished the development of the world’s best brainwave (Electroencephalogram, EEG) measuring
instrument. It enables you to command a model electric train to run, stop, and go backwards with just your thoughts. Eye Max’s EEG meter was developed as a premier world-class product, which the whole family and all other people can become happier with while it develops your brain, increases your concentration, improves your memory, and prevents Alzheimer’s the more you use it. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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