Endoscopic visual imaging system

10[INQ. NO. 1602E08] Medstar has been making every effort to manufacture, sell  echnologically cutting-edged products in the field of ENT both in the domestic and  verseas market since its founding in 1997. With its full-scaled focus on researching and developing them, as well as establishing the company’s https://korean-electronics.com//inquirylocal distributors’ network in a timely manner, it has finally come to have a wide range of state of state-of-theart
products for their suitable needs. As a result, Medstar has not only been remarkably known for the first company with the highest market share in Korea, but exported to
more than 30 countries, nowadays all over the world. Medstar’s latest ENT workstation called New Millennium Grand, as a highly upgraded integral ENT unit, ensures a function as a system of definitive clear microscopic visual imaging. And it is also a natural colored
endoscopic visual imaging system. By using this product, a variety of sprays and suction is easily possible. Comfortable shape and robust work in chair is available. Moreover,
reliable operation is possible at competitive prices. Medstar’s endoscopic visual imaging system MedVision is also highly competitive. It is a portable endoscopic visual
imaging system. This product in design was designed to display high definitive image. Easy grip of gun-type of cable is available. Unique and remarkable shape of design is
applied. Also, for this product, reliable operation can be carried out at competitive prices.


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