Bluetooth monitoring thermometer

10[INQ. NO. 1602E18] Chois Technology Co., Ltd. has been growing as an IoT specialist company since 2001. Chois Technology retains the top position in the Korean presenter market since introduction of the world’s fi rst wireless presenter in 2002. In January 2002, it launched the RF USB presenter ‘X-pointer,’ which can control a PC without assistance, and has buyers for its ‘X-pointer’ in the USA, Germany, Japan and 10 other countries. It launched X-pointer Mobile as a presenter for smartphones, as fi rst in the world. In 2012, ChoisTechnology came up with further innovations by researching smart healthcare for the medical fi eld and sports. It also aims to be a global leader in the near future in wireless sensor interface. Currently, its Bluetooth monitoring thermometer (titled “Thermosafer”) is one of the most att ractive products of the company leading the company’s overseas market expansion. When a baby has a fever, parents cannot sleep as
they need to constantly check the baby’s temperature. Parents have to be awake. However, if they have the Thermosafer, they can check the baby’s condition  ore conveniently by monitoring and recording the temperature data of the baby. The monitoring thermometer ensures such competitive features as continuous monitoring of temperature and it records realtime measurement of temperature, alarm function, etc. Moreover, it boasts excellent long-term stability and reliability.

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