Digital x-ray equipment

10[INQ. NO. 1602E16] Gemss Medical is a leading, manufacturer and distributor of Digital X-Ray equipment, However, instead of being content with its present position, it aims to achieve leading positions in the global marketplace. It has already established an additional production factory in Vietnam as well as expanding its branch offices in Asia, America, and Europe. In addition, it is strategically cooperating with multinational companies to enhance the technical cooperation For the past 20 years, it has continually strived to become one of the most customer-oriented companies in Medical Imaging. This was achieved by considering the needs of the customer when developing products and providing services. In addition, it has strengthened its customer service by using BESTAS, an Integrated Service System. The BESTAS system streamlines the process of providing fast and efficient technical support to our customers. The rapidly changing surgical imaging market demands increased functionality and improved clinical applications. The company’s digital x-ray equipment SPINEL 3G delivers high  performance in every detail, from its highly-attractive, modern appearance to its advanced engineering. The SPINEL 3G is an OEM model with Toshiba. The company’s TITAN 11 model is a compact digital radiography system which enables various projections possible in any confined operation space. Its configuration will ensure smooth transition from analog into digital radiography system, while relieving users’ burdens on limited spaces and budget issues.

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