10[INQ. NO. 1602E20] Hansung Medical is specialized in the manufacturing of sterilizers and is constantly taking on new challenges under the slogan of enhancing  uality competitiveness, systematization of production, globalization, and realizing customer satisfaction High pressure steam sterilizers are for clinics and hospitals to sterilize a variety of medical and instruments. Hansung Medical developed a noise reduction kit, automated power blocking system, steam check valve, and automated door locking system for product competitiveness. A medical aspirator (HTS-6000) was developed for aspirating of blood and body fluid during surgery. This is a motor operated aspirator working by direct power supply switch or remote controlled footswitch. Bandico is a nasal valve dilator to prevent snoring and nasal congestion. It preserves nasal cavity and upper/lower airway widely in order to repress snoring and to prevent shrinkage of frontal nasal cavity and mouth breathing. The company holds a patent for it and it was approved by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). Materials are medical silicone and white gold, approved by America’s FDA. Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer is a low temperature sterilization device designed to sterilize instruments or devices that are sensitive to heat and moisture. A wide variety of materials and components commonly used in the manufacture of these products may undergo ethylene oxide sterilization in their final breathable packaging configuration. This product offers a safe, efficient and compact way of sterilizing heat-sensitive items. This is the fastest bench top cassette type sterilizer. HTA-02C will enable you to sterilize your headpieces within 30 minutes, including the drying cycle. This will optimize your clinical time management and improve efficiency. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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