To Create One-stop Export Support System for SMEs’ E-commerce

As the online e-commerce exports have been emerging as a new entry model into the overseas, the organizations(KITA, KOTRA and SMBC) who support exports are working together in order to support making inroads into the global e-commerce retail market which is worth 100 billion dollars. The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Kim In-ho), KOTRA (President, Kim Jae-hong) and the Small and Medium Business Corporation (President, Lim Chae-un) announced that they had signed the “MOU for creating cooperation system among the e-commerce supporting organizations” at Trade Tower in Samseong-dong on August 6. In the past, the supports for small exporters in e-commerce area were carried out at the individual level but those three organizations will implement the supports through organic cooperation.

3The three organizations agreed ▲to create e-commerce support council ▲to discover and jointly support the quality products from 300 online exporters ▲to cooperate with B2C  online mall and offline policy stores ▲to operate education and seminar programs on e-commerce exports and ▲to cooperate to hold e-commerce exhibitions and consultation sessions. The companies who want to make inroads into the overseas via e-commerce will be able to use the support system through each organization and they will be supported throughout the whole e-commerce export process from discovering the online hit products to product delivery logistics. In addition, the three organizations are planning to amplify the business effectiveness by creating online and offline (omni-channel) marketing support system to sell quality products.

Under this agreement, each organization will accelerate the entry of quality products of small and medium sized companies into the global e-commerce markets by jointly hosting online special sale events as well as consultation sessions by inviting foreign retail buyers in the second half of 2016.

KITA’s chairman Kim In-ho said “Korean consumers’ direct purchase from other countries reached approximately two trillion won last year, which was the largest ever, while Korean companies’ overseas sales posted only 580 billion won. It is recording the serious trade imbalance.” He also mentioned “We will exert efforts to make sure that the e-commerce cooperation system created by the three organizations will be actually helpful for the small and medium sized companies who want to sell their products to the overseas via online.”
<Source: KITA> | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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