Development of core communication module in EV charging standardcombined charging system

GloQuad Co., Ltd. (Ki soo Chang, CEO)

Through this research task, the V2G (Vehicle to Grid) communication module solution for EV DC fast charging station was developed and localized in accordance with international standards for the first time in the country, and compatibility matching tests based on that solution with GM Spark EV, BMW i3, and VW (Volkswagen) e-Golf were completed successfully.
A communication module developed by GloQuad was designed in accordance with ISO/IEC15118, the new international standards for CCS (Combined Charging System) method DC fast charging. Its features include supporting connection methods through Internet protocol with electric vehicle and smart grid and using both AC and DC with combined socket. In particular, it is noteworthy that this local company secured a foundation technique in the DC fast charging field that is spreading recently as a electric vehicle charging standard in North America and Europe. This localization of a DC fast charging communication module paved the way for constructing domestic charging infrastructure to expand supplying electric vehicles, and it is expected to help domestic electric vehicle DC fast charging station manufacturers to expand their business abroad.


Go global market beyond the domestic market

Vehicles with internal-combustion engines that use gasoline or diesel have an internal tank filled with fuel, while electric vehicles are equipped with a battery to provide electricity. In other words, as internal-combustion engine cars include fuel using an oil feeder at gasoline station, electric vehicles charge the battery using an electric vehicle charger in the same way as charging a mobile phone. In the same way that unleaded gasoline and diesel are separated at a gasoline station, there are various connection cable types for electric vehicles. And making connections between electric vehicles and chargers with suitable cables will trigger charging automatically. However, complicated information exchange is required between electric vehicles that receive the power and electric vehicle chargers that transmit the power for safety, because electricity needs to be transmitted to charge an electric vehicle. 

In order to allow simple charging procedures for electric vehicles like with refueling for existing internal-combustion engine vehicles, it is necessary to simplify such complicated
information exchanged and various types of connection cable for charging worldwide.
Therefore, the International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) discussed and prepared unified standards, ISO/IEC15118 Hereupon, GloQuad developed a communication board that allows charging by applying information exchange between electric vehicles and EVSE in accordance with international standards, and completed all of compatibility matching tests with global automobile companies in Korea, Europe, and North America to enhance the product integrity. Furthermore, GloQuad developed a technique that can provide a way to get the charged power backward from an electric vehicle to use in power shortage.

For communication standard currently installed in vehicles, there are two standards: one is DIN70121 standards published by Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN) to support DC fast charging communication only using ISO/IEC15118 DIS standards, and the other is SAE J2847/2 published by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to follow DIN70121 standards. But, it is expected that ISO/ IEC15118 standards will be used together when the standards is
being prepared with publication.
Ki-soo Chang, CEO of GloQuad and the person in charge of this research task, proposed the direction of additional future development as “With the view to propose solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in apartment homes, the most common dwelling pattern in Korea, we plan to develop management and control solutions for chargers to be installed in apartment houses by expanding existing techniques for AC chargers and applying international standards (OCPP) to contribute to spread electric vehicle supply, at the same time, we also plan to develop techniques in order to apply them to new application fields including aviation control that comes to the fore as a power line communication application.”

Product competitiveness keeping up with global companies

There are not many commercialized EVSE products for which communication standards like ISO/IEC15118/DIN70121 are applied all over the world. Compared to European EVSE manufacturers who developed the EVSE in parallel from the early stage of electric vehicle development, one may say that GloQuad is on a technically equivalent level with European companies−considering the situation that the EVSE where GloQuad’s products are equipped are being installed in Europe and North America. Indeed, all of exported DC fast charger made by domestic manufacturers are equipped with GloQuad products. The products were also applied in domestic EV changing infrastructure information system project managed by the KECO(Korea Eenvironmental Corporation) in 2014 and 2015. Also,
the products have been fitted to all exported DC fast chargers from 2015, so sales increases can be expected, and such activities are expected to contribute to early establishment of the domestic EV charging infrastructure.
In particular, early technical development for V2G communication will provide new economical services including energy saving, remote EV inspection, and infotainment to consumers who bought electric vehicles (EV), which may expedite the spread of EV. Charging infrastructure installation required for such early EV spreading will be increased in parallel, which may create new businesses like charging service providers who manage the installed infrastructure. Therefore, expansion of relevant business will create decent jobs and make a large contribution to solving youth unemployment and senior unemployment.

In this context, CEO Chang showed confidence in the product competiveness as “GloQuad is unmatched in the domestic market for relevant parts, as GloQuad development products are used by domestic manufacturers who will compete with famous foreign EV charger manufacturer such as ABB and Schneider.” and “We already developed not just hardware but also software and secured the products, thus we are expecting such matchless structure would be continued for a while. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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