Computed radiography system

[INQ. NO. 1604E03] JPI Healthcare is more than an X-ray component and equipment company; it is your imaging solution provider. Since 1980, JPI has contributed to the improvement of the quality of healthcare, and continues to develop new technologies that advance the ever-changing field of radiology. JPI works closely with X-ray equipment
manufacturers to enhance image quality, ensuring early intervention through proper diagnosis. JPI’s core competency is its ever diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components. JPI Healthcare is confi dent in both its conventional as well as digital X-ray product lines.
JPI’s recently released computed radiography system model, ExamVueCR Pro, is an ideal solution for a clinic that wants to minimize its spending but still wants to upgrade its analog X-ray system into digital. All you have to do is to replace the current analog fi lm cassett e and fi lm processor with the CR system and it brings you high quality digital image right away. JPI’s digital upgrade kit ExamVueDR is an ideal solution for clinic that is willing to invest more into upgrading its analog X-ray system into digital. With the
current cassett e-sized detectors available, there is no need for major work to implement the system. Images are acquired much faster than both analog and CR systems, and the image quality is superb.

2016-05-10 10;01;59.PNG
JPI’s own X-ray system, the DRE series, is an ideal solution for those who are just starting a new clinic as it can be used as an analog system, with a CR system or full digital system.
Regardless of the fi nal confi guration, the DRE series will provide you with peace of mind
thanks to its durability and image quality. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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