Embedded TCP/IP communication and remote control solution

[INQ. NO. 1604E13] Since 1998, Sollae Systems has been offering embedded TCP/IP communication and remote control solutions for serial devices with the leading-edge technology ‘MIC Real-Time OS’. MIC is operated consisting of OS core, network stack, and library and so on that is developed with its own technology, and it is provided in
hardware form under the brand name ‘ezTCP’.https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry
The ezTCP hardware consists of Serial to Ethernet/WLAN/PPP converters and remote I/O controllers. Its high quality and stability have been proved throughout the world as more than 4,000 companies have chosen Sollae Systems’ products over the past 14 years.
With ezTCP, the company has been providing customers with perfectly optimized products to meet their needs and developing TCP/IP stack to demonstrate the best performance with an affordable system.

Untitled-17.jpgezTCP is an easy way to connect your devices to the Internet such as LAN, ADSL, etc. to facilitate remote control and monitoring within a short time.
To share information through the network, the data should be compliant with international data handling protocol, TCP/IP, and ezTCP implements data communication as a serial to TCP/IP converter. Therefore, connecting ezTCP enables equipment to transmit and receive data over the Internet, which has been used to exchange information with serial communication devices.
Most of all, ezTCP overcomes the defects that serial communication devices have, such as distance limitation, high initial installation/maintenance cost and impossibility of being controlled with more than one PC. WLAN converter series of ezTCP are wireless LAN converters for serial devices that help simply add wireless network connectivity to users’ equipment without changing software. By applying them, the user can reduce installation/maintenance cost and risk, but shorten development time to add the network capability in the user’s system.
WLAN converter series consists of an external-typed converter, CSW-H80, and module-typed converter, CSW-M83 and CSW-M85, which are easy to apply to users’ devices due to its compact size and strength combined with lightness.
Especially CSW-M85, module-typed converter with RalinkRT 3070 WLAN, is embedded with not only a chip antenna but also a socket for an external antenna, so it is easy to be used in various wireless network environments.

“We are currently making an attempt to grasp the realtime needs of our customers both domestically and abroad by using various methods, which help with the development of new products that ensure certainly progressed qualities in functions, leading the market trends in technology as well.”

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