Network DVRs

[ NO. 1604E11] Since it was incorporated in 1992, Sun MyungElectro-Telecom has developed and manufactured outstanding networked DVRs, CCTV and security devices in the IPsurveillance field over the past 24 years. Sun Myung has also gained strong know-how of network technologies and the security industry as amanufacturer and a developer with its IT telecomcomponents
As an ISO9001/14001 certified company, SunMyung Electro-Telecom can fully guarantee the reliability of its entire production process, fromproduct design to production, performance,modifying, delivery and so forth.
The company always aims to provide top-quality products to its customers, and continuously strive to offer premium services with its high-end products.
At the moment, the company also focuses on highresolution DVR, and makes CMS ideal for CCTV andDVR.
This company’s latest IRIS Series (IRIS-L/IRIS-S) features a stable two chip solution of H.264 H/W Codec & Intel CPU, multiple video output(HDMI/VGA/composite/call monitor) and full HD resolution.
Untitled-14.jpgThe product is also equipped with adjustable setreal recording resolution from CIF to Full D1/ channel(480/400fps), CMS for single 16ch & multiple 64ch viewer program, mirroring(Raid1) function and optional CD/DVD RW as well as mobile viewer support: IRIS viewer (iPhone) and 3 or 4 S-ATA HDD of terabyte (can be built in).
The markets of Indonesia,Taiwan, the U.S., Europe and Australia are major export destinations. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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