Multiscreen solutions

[INQ. NO. 1604E15] Alticast develops advanced endto-end, multiscreen solutions to enable service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver TV Everywhere services, ensuring every consumer a reliable and innovative TV experience. Alticast’s extensive solutions consist of STB and consumer device software, CAS/DRM, Smart UI/UX and Cloud Server, based on non-proprietary software such as HTML5, RDK and Java. Alticast’s unique solutions bring new levels of TV interactivity required by service providers and consumers across the globe to deliver personalized and compelling content securely over terrestrial, broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms.
Alticast has been developing a variety of solutions for the video content delivery market for over a decade with over 30 million STBs in households around the globe. Alticast delivers STB software including the user experience, clientserver software, cloud solutions, and critical content security along with a variety of other innovative applications. The company also provides exemplary primary systems integration, managing the relationship among hardware vendors, third-party software partners and the video service provider. This includes exhaustive testing processes and final deployment.

Untitled-19Award-Winning User Experience: AltiView
Alticast has innovated user experience solutions around the world. From the AltiView family of customizable product offerings to complete custom design and implementation, the design team at Alticast delivers enticing user experiences with quick responsiveness. These award-winning designs have raised the bar on interactive multi-featured interfaces, and include such innovations as gesture- and voice-control.
As a tandem solution, Alticast has created second screen applications that are paired to the STB. These include search and discovery, remote control, and companion apps that extend the content experience by providing added program information and further enhance the experience with polling, shopping, games, and more.

Innovative Server-Side Architecture: AltiPlex
AltiPlex provides important server-side solutions creating efficient delivery of everything from content metadata to user account management, and integration with third-party enhancements such as recommendation engines and advertising solutions. These cloud-based solutions can also help move functionality off the set-top box with features such as Alticast Cloud DVR/PVR infrastructure, multi-faceted Cloud UI support, and more.

The variety of features AltiPlex supports combine to create the most unique and versatile architecture for delivering world-class TV Everywhere solutions.


Exemplary STB Performance: AltiPlatform/RDK
AltiPlatform is a proven, open systems-based software core deployed in over 33 million consumer devices worldwide, enabling some of the world’s most interactive digital solutions. The Alticast solution is fine-tuned, solidifying the important key functionality in the STB for handling media, security integration and other important features such as companion device pairing and closed captioning. This architecture has a versatile application framework supporting a variety of standards around the world allowing easy transitions between user agents such as tru2way® and HTML5. AltiPlatform is a workhorse that has been deployed in millions of set-top-boxes and other devices over multiple continents, providing exceptional services every day.
Alticast is an early adopter of RDK. With its signature application framework and TV Ready User Agent, Alticast provides a high performance solution for HTML5 application deployment. These services include not only integrating and deploying RDK solutions, but also system integration, code management and ongoing support.

Rock-Solid Security: AltiProtect
The Alticast AltiProtect family of products provides certified content protection in CAS/DRM and DTCP-IP variations. AltiProtect also provides an innovative downloadable and exchangeable (D & E) framework that enables the unique ability to remotely install content protection solutions directly into the STB. This gives operators the flexibility to change security solutions quickly and easily. The D & E also provides operational efficiency
for upgrading existing systems in the field without any need to modify hardware.
In some markets the CableCARD has been a primary means of security. As this technology is phased out, the D & E framework will provide flexibility for security solutions going forward. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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