Intelligent WEB Application Firewall

Untitled-5.jpg[INQ. NO. 1606E19] MONITORAPP provides proxybased various technologies for applications. With its own technologies, the company supplies AIWAF (web firewall product), AIDFW (DB access control solution), AISWG&AISEG (APT solution), and AIVFW (VoIP solutions), thus enabling integrated protection of the OSI model’s seven layers. Application Insight Web Application Firewall (AIWAF) supports signature-based negative security policies and profile-based positive security policies in accordance with complete analysis of HTTP protocol and protects web services with various optional features against external hackings.
Not only does AIWAF fulfill eight categories of Web security by the national intelligence service and the top-10 projects of OWASP, but it can also defend against unknown threats with regular update function. In December 2015, AIWAF V.4.0 was released including anti- brute force attack to detect signature fraud.
There are other competitive solutions. AISWG (Application Insight Secure WEB Gateway) is a powerful security web gateway to provide the flexibility in business requirements, and protect internal web users of the corporation to protect secure web usage environment from the threat of various web attacks. AISWG protects client-web section and analyze attachment file in order to secure personal information and prevent data loss. With AISWG, there is no need to to worry about latest hacking methods like “watering hole.”
Application Insight DB Firewall (AIDFW) from MONITRAPP is a solution based on complete Query analysis authoring strong user authorization and access control. With profile based automated security policy, AIDFW detects and block abnormal DB access. Post audit function based on access history will secure your DB from dangers from external and internal security threats.

AIDFW provides fail-over function for enhanced logging performance and large log processing module with uninterrupted web. In addition, sniffing gateway which has three times the performance of proxy way provides hybrid mode without requiring any additional tap equipment. WEB-database log correlation and linkage analysis related to the actual attacker’s IP through detection and prevention (Patent No.10-0937020) enables user tracking as well. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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