Car black boxes

[INQ. NO. 1606E11] MIR Technology’s flagship car black box, a kind of mobile video recording device, ensures unbeatable premium recording quality. guaranteeing crisp and clear video images, it adopts small and costeffective full HD dash cams. It differentiated itself from other similar models, with the world’s smallest fourchannel HD dash cams. The slick and compact design applied to it is also one of the many advantages it offers.
Users do not need to format the SD card at all. They can also find some highly impressive features, such as a data recovery system, event categories, tracker function, battery protection, and VBR recording.

MIR Technology is an R&D-oriented surveillance solution provider that specializes in mobile video recording devices for vehicles, namely, black boxes. MIR Technology offers a
range of customized black box products for private and public transportation.
Since its establishment in 2009, MIR Technology has been dedicated to developing reliable products and providing excellent services to become a leading black box manufacturer. It strives to provide better products and services with strong commitment and inspiration. It always provides customers with innovative and reliable solutions to meet their high expectations. And especially for the upcoming IFSEC International 2016, MIR prepared its latest advanced dash cam model series – M8 series, M7 series, M4series, M2 series, and MB4 series – for greater satisfaction of potential customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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