Touchscreen panel for mobile devices

[INQ. NO. 1606E02]
Untitled-42.jpgResistive touch screens are being fast replaced by capacitance screens along with appearance of iPhone, etc. because capacitance screens provide a much softer touch. Today, a touch screen has become the most preferred input device as it allows a user to perform more easily and instinctively.
A slim touch sensor technology, which is applied to a wide range of devices such as tablet PCs in addition to smartphones, appears to be emerging as a major trend in the area. A touch sensor with integrated window does not require ITO film and thus can be made slim with competitive prices, high transmittance, and thin bezel. Integrated windows can be made by either a cell process or a sheet process but the sheet process is more advantageous in terms of productivity and prices. make the sheet process possible, the touch sensor unit is coated with tempered glass but the strength of tempered glass gets lowered during the cutting process and this is the reason why new technologies should be developed such as technologies for increasing strength of sheet glass and tempered glass, cutting tempered glass, securing strength of tempered glass, and manufacturing thin film material and sheet for a touch sensor.
UTI’s development of the touch screen with integrated window for a smartphone began in January 2011 and was completed at the end of 2012 along with mass-production.
The product began to be shipped to Company S in Japan from 2012, and the accumulated sales have reached KRW 125 billion.
In 2015, mass-production of a camera window, employing the same technology, succeeded through the sheet process, and supply of the product to Company S in Korea has led to sales of KRW 12 billion. This mass-produced product has applied GDP (Glass Direct Patterning) for the first time and allowed the company to be registered as a primary vendor for Company S. In 2016, the technology is applied to 0.1~0.2mmthick tempered glass products such as a finger-scanning home key, whose sales are increasing in the market. This is expected to allow the company to increase export and to enter new markets.
Untitled-43.jpgIt was not easy to introduce the new touch screen product to major smartphone brands without sales records from the establishment of the venture business in 2010. But the company has met quality requirements of a customer by developing samples a dozen times and won trust from a demanding Japanese customer by presenting meticulous plans for massproduction and installation of the necessary facilities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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