A real hardware encryption and decryption security system

[INQ. NO. 1608E08] BEFS CO.,LTD. https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryis located in Seoul, Korea. BEFS is focusing on the data
security business which is increasingly demanded by an extraordinary expansion in the information technology industry. When you wish to ensure your data is secured and preserved, BEFS is there with you. With a growing global need for a data security issue, BEFS is dedicated to producing an unique and strong data security solution with our own innovative idea.
It is a data transformation device, as a connection gender form, that leads the stored data in the USB external hard disk and the USB memory stick into encryption and decryption.
Adoption of the real hardware encryption algorithm Asic chip that is developed by BEFS. Built-in security engine uses a AES256 encryption algorithm and further scrambles the stored data set. Thus, it is impossible for hacking the stored data set due to the unique way of the real hardware encryption function.
Untitled-14.jpgCompatible for all memory storage devices which use USB port in a PC, for example USB external hard disk and USB memory stick. Without having an another new memory storage device, it is possible to use an existing one by simply connecting it to S-Gender.
In order to prevent from password hacking attempts, when you fail to enter a correct password up to 10 times, it is designed to format all stored data automatically.

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