Connect. W 2016

Toward Mutual Cooperation, Technology Exchange and Joint Ventures

The objectives of the Connect. W program, which is to be held on September 27-28 at Songdo Convensia (Incheon) Hall 1, Korea, 2016, are to create a strategic Business to Business (B2B) Meet-Connect-Partner Platform between Korean ICT related vendors, solutions & service providers and the global telecommunications operators (hereinafter, “telcos”) in the Asia-Pacific, Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Europe.
Untitled-43.jpgConnect. W is an inclusive one-on-one B2B matching platform (face-to-face with telcos) to identify business opportunities in emerging markets and connect you with the best business partners via an optimal matching system in the global marketplace.
The Korea Association for ICT Promotion (KAIT) organizes the Connect. W 2016, Global ICT Partnership Program & One-on-One Business Matching meetings on demand where a gathering of global telecos, ICT companies and Korean ICT companies, which are chosen through a comprehensive filtering and matching process, meet for discussions and explore win-win partnerships.
It will provide opportunities to exchange information relating to ICT products of Korea and global companies and unveil ICT-related market opportunities in the global markets. The Program is also geared to play a bridging role for further activities among countries in establishing new partnerships for the creation of cooperation and mutually beneficial ventures.
Connect. W 2016 will be your best ICT Partner for successful global business!
Participating global companies of Connect. W will be comprised of companies in the following categories:
– 5G, IoT, UHD, AI, VR
– Database technical and service platforms
– Digital Electronics – Digital TV, HDTV, LED, etc.
– Networking Solutions –WIMAX, Broadband & Cellular Technology, etc.
– Fixed Broadband – FTTH(Fiber to the home), IPTV, Enterprise Solutions
– Internet Security, Security Solutions (Enterprise and Mobile)
– IT Convergence – Embedded Systems, IoT
– Industrial Electronics – Tablet and Electronic Pad Solutions
– Mobile Technology Solutions – Mobile Banking Solution, Mobile Money Transfer Solutions
– Mobile and On-Line Gaming
– Software (Contents)

– Smart Learning (Contents & Solution)
– Smart City
– Others

Untitled-48.jpgAlso, participating companies from Korea will be comprised of companies in categories in the following categories:
– Major Korean ICT and Telecommunications companies’ executives, either private or state-owned
– Top executives and decision-makers from mobile operators to solution vendors
– Top executives and decision-makers from all ICT sectors that have global competitiveness and proven- track records of successful B2B models
– Local organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, media and technology associations, network associations & forum, journalist associations, vendor associations

About KAIT
Untitled-49.jpgThe Korea Association for ICT Promotion (KAIT) was founded in May 1987 under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). The CEO of SK Telecom, Jang Dong-hyun, assumed the chairmanship of KAIT.
The mission of KAIT is to contribute to the promotion of an ICT network and to build the foundation for ICT convergence, thereby strengthening the global competitiveness of the domestic ICT.
KAIT’s Global Business activities and Cooperation
– Operates a strategic Business to Business (B2B) Meet-Connect-Partner program for global ICT telecos and ICT-related organizations and Korea ICT players.
– Supports organizing of a project consortium for ICT players to participate in foreign projects via KAIT’s global ICT partners.
– Established strategic partnerships and signed MOUs with 36 global ICT associations in 27
– Member companies are SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, Samsung Electronics and other ICT operators and vendors.
– Organizes ‘The World IT Show’, largest ICT exhibition in Korea, aiming to offer a superior
marketing space in the field of ICT since 2008.
– Organizes the Korea Pavilion at international exhibitions including the ‘Consumer Electronic Show’ (USA) for Promising Small and Mediumsized Enterprises (SMEs) in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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